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ProPeg Anchors
ProPeg Anchors vs. Traditional Goal Peg

The ProPeg Anchor System is the first and only portable goal peg with professional strength at a recreational cost. The ProPeg is an aluminum tank that penetrates your ice surface with (2) adjustable spikes for deeper contact and a more secure net. This allows for better gameplay and extreme training without the constant moving of your goal net. 

ProPegs stand at 5" tall with an aluminum body. (2) Stainless steel spikes allow each user to go from a spike depth of .5" to 1.5" for maximum penetration. Like traditional goal pegs, they slide right into your goal net post and penetrate your ice. Once in place, your net is ready for the most extreme training or professional game play. With ProPegs you can have the portability of a traditional goal peg with the professional strength of "Marsh Pegs" without the costly repairs or fees for installation. 

ProPeg Anchors
ProPeg Anchors Customized

With every purchase of ProPegs, you will get your own serial number,  that only adds to the security of your set. 

Each Set Includes:

(2) ProPegs - Black

(4) Adjustable Spikes

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